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Ski & Ride

Custom Ski & Ride Trip

Baker Backcountry Skiing and Riding

Mount Baker Ski Descent

Fortune Peak Huts Backcountry Skiing

North Cascades Ski Mountaineering

North Cascades Ski Traverse

Patagonia Volcano Ski Descents

Japan Backcountry Skiing


Custom Rock Trip

Mt. Erie


Mexico Climbing - Izta & Orizaba


Custom Alpine Trip

Mount Baker Easton Glacier

Women's Kulshan Climb

Mount Baker Coleman Deming

Mount Baker North Ridge

Shuksan Sulphide

Shuksan Fisher Chimneys

West Ridge of Forbidden

Ice Cap Slam


Glacier Peak


Pickets Traverse

Eldorado East Ridge

Ruth & Icy

Dorado Needle

Mexico Climbing - Izta & Orizaba

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Ski & Ride

Custom Ski & Ride Course

Intro to Backcountry Skiing and Riding

Steep Ski Mountaineering

Glaciated Ski Mountaineering


Custom Rock Course

Gym to Crag

Learn to Lead

Intro to Big Wall

Anchor Building

SPI Course

SPI Assessment


Custom Alpine Course

Glacier Mountaineering

Crevasse Rescue

Women's Affinity Crevasse Rescue

Anchor Building


Custom Avalanche Course

AIARE Level 1

AIARE Level 2

Fortune Peak Huts AIARE 2

AIARE Rescue Course

Avalanche Alumni Mentorship Days

Program Rates

Scheduled Programs

Scheduled Programs are open to all to sign up for. These programs are charged a flat rate per person, regardless of the number of people on your booking. This flat rate is often the same as the 3:1 per person rate. Scheduled programs tend to be more cost effective for groups of one or two people, and allow you to connect with other people with similar mountain interests and skill sets. 

Standard Programs

Day Rates

1:1 $600
1:2 $375
1:3 $325
1:4 + $300

Overnight Rates

1:1 $650
1:2 $425
1:3 $375
1:4 + $350


Level 1 $575
Level 2 $575
Rescue $275
Mentorship $100

Technical Programs

Cascade Mountain Ascents pays guides more when they are working in terrain that is more involved or poses higher objective hazard. Therefore, a surcharge is added to trips we deem Challenging ($100) and Complex ($200). A custom surcharge may apply to non-standard programs and will be worked out by the guide and administrative staff along with the guest(s) during program design. Here’s more information on Technical Program Surcharges

Income Based Programs

At Cascade Mountain Ascents, we believe that everyone deserves access to safe and joyful mountain experiences, regardless of their financial circumstances. That’s why we are excited to introduce our income-based program rates. These rates are designed to pay it forward and create structural mechanisms for mitigating financial barriers to the outdoors. They currently only apply to our Affinity Programs. Irrespective of the tier you choose, 10% of all proceeds from the program will be directly allocated to CMA’s Scholarship Program.


50% Off Standard Rate: This tuition tier is for individuals who would otherwise struggle to afford the trip or course. It covers the essential costs of running the program, including guide wages and administrative support directly related to the program.


15% Off Standard Rate: This reduced tuition tier covers program expenses and overhead costs while also providing crucial support to CMA as a small business.


Standard Rate+: This tier is the standard cost of the program in the absence of payment tier options. In choosing this tier, you are covering your program expenses, contributing to the sustainability of our payment tier program, and financially supporting the development of future affinity programs.