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Backcountry Ski Repair Kit

Traverse Equipment Backcountry Ski Repair Kit. The ULTIMATE ski repair kit has arrived. 

Designed with ski traverses and long days in mind, the Backcountry Ski Repair Kit will help you get out of most jams. The idea behind the kit is to be as useful as possible in repairing the most common backcountry failures, so that you can get back to civilization for that apres ski. Sure, we could have thrown in a handful of other items, but we like to think this kit strikes the best balance between lightweight, and usefulness.

Product Details


Additional information

Weight N/A

Black, Orange, Purple


7" x 6"

Product Details:

  • Ultralight Crystal Card
  • Hose Clamps (2)
  • Voile Straps – 25″ (2)
  • MountainFLOW Skin Wax (1oz)
  • Gear Aid Tenacious Tape – 3″ x 20″
  • Powder Basket
  • Hex Drill Bit – 9/64″
  • Binding Screws (2)
  • Ratchet Driver with: Torx 20, Philips #2, Pozi #3, Flat #7
  • Hex extension
  • Through Bolts (2)
  • Steel Wire – 2′
  • Spectra Cord – 2′
  • AAA Batteries (3)
  • Safety Pins (2)

Made of ECOPAK 200D (100% recycled polyester) with 70D ripstop backing and a YKK Uretek zipper.

Weight: 15 oz.

Here are a few ways in which each item can be useful:

Ultralight Crystal Card
Small enough to keep handy in a pocket, the UL Crystal Card has 1mm, 2mm, and 3mm grids for evaluating snow crystals. That said, we designed it to be used as both a ski scraper and broken ski splint. To add rigidity to a broken ski, simply drill through the ski on both sides of the break, and use the through bolts, wingnuts, and washers to tighten the UL Crystal Card over the break.

Hose Clamps
If you’ve ever broken or lost a pole in the backcountry, you know how frustrating it can be to enjoy the rest of your day. While these clamps wont help you find that buried pole, they will assist in securing those two segments back together.

Voile Straps
These literally have an infinite amount of uses, but the most common repair is securing a pair of skins that have lost their adhesiveness. In other words, simply wrap the straps around your skis and skins when skinning. PRO TIP – For short laps, stuff your skins in your jacket on the downhill to promote snow melt and to prevent further icing on the adhesive side of your skins. Voile straps can also be used to fashion a ski boot to cedar branches or a shovel in the event of a lost ski (true story). For broken heel pieces, simply wrap a voile strap around the heel piece and your boot to assist on the downhill. If it is a commiting downhill, you might want to consider using the steel wire as well. While this kit includes two 25″ straps, it’s never a bad idea to carry a few more.

Skin Wax
In collaboration with MountainFlow ecowax, we’ve designed a 1oz skin wax bar that is 100% petroleum free and perfect for long trips where weight is a factor. Rub from tip to tail to prevent snow build up.

Tenacious Tape
Made by Gear Aid. Great for tears in jackets and tents, but can also be used for blisters, first aid, and any other scenario in which tape is useful.

Powder Basket
In the event that you snag a tree and lose your basket, this is your replacement. Especially helpful on powder days. While not all poles have the same diameter shafts, this basket works for most.

Hex Drill Bit
Remount bindings or drill through the skis to secure a broken ski or ripped out toe piece. In short, the toe piece is your lifeline – if it rips off your ski, you can drill through 2 of the 4 holes (opposite corners) and secure the binding to the ski with the through bolts.

Binding Screws
Similar in size to Dynafit screws, it can be great to replace a missing screw on a long trip. If your binding hole is stripped, you can add a few small wood/tree shavings to the hole to increase bite. Steel wool works great as well, but is not included in this kit.

Radical Ratchet Driver
Always check your screws before a long trip. Customize with whatever bits work best for your setup. Works with included bits, and comes with a hex extension for hard to reach spots.

Through Bolts
As noted above, through bolts can be a lifesaver if you need to drill through your ski to secure a ripped out toe piece, or to secure the layers of your broken ski. For optimal rigidity on a broken ski, use one through bolt on each side of the break (wignut on the top of the ski).

Steel Wire
Great as a makeshift skin tip attachment, but can be used for many other applications where a strong/durable line is necessary. While not included in this kit, a multitool with pliers and a knife is an essential piece of safety equipment. If you’re looking to add to this kit, we really like the Leatherman Squirt PS4.

Spectra Cord
This 600lb test spearfishing line is great for replacing broken zipper pulls as well as some boot straps and buckles. That said, it can be used as extremely strong thread for any sewing application – the steel wire or drill bit can act as a needle.

AAA Batteries
The gold standard for avalanche transceivers and headlamps. You’ll be thankful for this extra set if you ever have to come out of the mountains later than planned.

Safety Pins
Great for all sorts of fixes, but we love using them to secure failed zippers on tents and jackets.